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My Small AC Gear Motor 0.1kW ~ 7.5kW

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HW Series
LW Series
LMW Series
HMW Series
HOM Series
HOW Series
LOW Series
VW Series
UW Series
VMW Series
VOW Series
UMW Series
VOM Series
VOWY Series
VOMY Series
Our fully metric range of cast iron worm gear units are based on a single universal case for each size, giving a high degree of common parts and interchange ability.
Cast iron worm gear reducer incorporates an extended bearing housing to accommodate a larger bottom bearing and increased shaft size, thereby enhancing the units capacity to absorb the high bending loads imposed during stirrer applications.

Features :

◎ Model : HW ▪ LW ▪ LMW  ▪ HMW ▪ HMW ▪ HOM ▪ HOW ▪ LOW ▪VW ▪ UW ▪ VMW ▪ UMW ▪ VOW ▪ VOM ▪ VOWY ▪ VOMY

◎ Size : 40 ~ 350

◎ Power rating : 0.1kW ~ 30kW

◎ Gear Reduction Ratio : 10 ~ 60 (80) (Single Reduction)

◎ Mounting Position : Foot mounted or Flange mounted

◎ Output Shaft design : Solid shaft or Hollow shaft

◎ Housing material : Casting Iron

◎ Shaft material : Chromium steel

◎ Efficient and safe operating.

◎ High load capacity and overload functions give stable transmission with reduced vibration and noise.

◎ Various linking structures for power input and torque output allows for different mounting methods.

◎ Low noise and stably running, can adapt long term work condition in terrible environments.

◎ Widely used, an ideal choice for modern industrial equipment to realize transmission and control at large speed reducing ratio.

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