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My Omron Variable Frequency Inverter

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3G2MX2 | 3G3HV | 3G3MV |  SERIES


Omron MX2 Single and Three Phase Input

Specifically created for your application, the MX2 was developed to harmonize advanced motor and machine control. Thanks to its fast CPU’s and advanced algorithms the MX2 provides smooth control down to zero speed, plus precise operation for fast cyclic operations and torque control capability in open loop.

Design for Applications :
Belt Conveyor Roller Conveyor ▪  Pallet Conveyor ▪ Agitator ▪ Mixing Machine ▪ Filling Machine ▪ Packaging Machine ▪ Turntable ▪ Traverser ▪ Laboratory Machine ▪ Compressor Pump Lifter Elevator
Compatible Brands : 
Mitsubishi Panasonic Fuji Electric Yaskawa Schneider Siemens  Sinamics

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Call  I  WhatsApp : +60 12-380 9960

Features : 

200% starting torque and torque control in open loop
Double rating VT 120%/1min and CT 150%/1min
IM & PM Motor control
Safety conforming to ISO13849-1 Category3 performance level PLD
Logic programming
Current vector control
High starting torque: 200% at 0.5Hz
Double rating VT 120%/1min and CT 150%/1min
Speed range up to 1000 Hz
Torque control in open loop vector
Positioning functionality
Built-in application functionality (i.e. Brake control)
User programmable as standard
Safety embedded compliant with ISO13849-1 (double input circuit and external device monitor EDM)
USB port for PC programming
24 Vdc backup supply for control board
Fieldbus communications: Modbus, DeviceNet, Profibus, Componet, Ethercat, ML-II and CanOpen

◎ Inverter Rating : 0.1kW ~ 15kW 

◎ Rated Capacity : 0.6kVA ~ 521kVA

◎ Rated Current : 0.8A ~ 683A (Ampere)

◎ Overload Rating : 110% ~ 200% 

◎ Cooling System : Self-cooling and Forced Air Cooling

◎ Environment : Well Ventilated Place (In Door Use)

◎ Protective Structure : Enclose Type IP20 | Open Type IP00

Inverter Input Voltage

◎ AC 1ph 180V ~ 260V, 50Hz/60Hz

◎ AC 3ph 180V ~ 260V, 50Hz/60Hz

◎ AC 3ph 380V ~ 500V, 50Hz/60Hz

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