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My Ashworth Stainless Steel Mesh and Chain

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Ashworth's Stainless Steel Mesh and Chain

Ashworth is the world leader in both stainless steel and plastic conveyor belts, with extensive expertise in chiller systems spirals. Ashworth offers a variety of product to improve the efficiency of manufacturing process and productivity, especially in baking, snack, poultry and container industries, and spiral applications :

Model and Type :

◎ Baking Bands CB3 & CB5 - True tracking, long belt life and preferred marking pattern

◎ Flat Wire for can washers - Maximum open area for free air flow & water drainage

◎ Omni-Flex® - Reliable turn curve & spiral performance

◎ Omni-Pro® 075/100/120/150 - High tension ratings with maximum service life

◎ Cleatrac® System – Tightest product transfers in the industry

◎ Cleatrac® for IBO/OBOs & dryers - Durable and eliminates belt wavering

◎ ToughMat™ for IBO/OBOs & dryers - Energy efficient

◎ Positive Drive Chain Edge (PDCE) - Conveyor belts for exacting applications

◎ ChemGuard™ Prestoflex® - Growth resistant hold-down mat for can washer applications

◎ Advantage RL 75 - Eliminate costly & unsanitary weld repairs

◎ ExactaStack® - Drop-in replacement self-stacking spiral beltSpace Saver Omni-Grid® - 1.7 to 2.2 turn radius for wrinkle-free conveyance

◎ Eye-Link - Extremely versatile, open & sanitary
◎ Balanced Weave - For products that are small or need a lot of support
◎ Lehr Belts - Specifically designed for high temperature oven applications

◎ Accessories Options :  T-cleat and Side Wall.

Stainless Steel Mesh manufacturers : Ashworth from Winchester USA

Contact us for more product information :

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Call  I  WhatsApp : +60 12-380 9960

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