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List of long overdue payment customer (P&C)


1) Felix Machinery Sdn Bhd (a.k.a Felix MJC) - Mr. Felix Goh -

Status : Still outstanding debt / Not settled since 2017.

2) Autoveyor (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd - Mr. Poh

Status : Still outstanding debt / Not settled since 2020.

3) Emec Packaging Solutions Sdn Bhd - Mr. Sia

Status : Still outstanding debt / Not settled since 2022.

About Li Ming Group - The Principal

Established in 1969, LiMing Group has established a global reputation for being a valued business partner and manufacturer in the gear reducer industry, particularly in gear reducer R&D and a brand name that stands for superior quality. 

LDS Precision ServoBox [ View ]

LDS manufactures a wide range of High Precision Servo Gearboxes for your servo motor applications. From the high speed operation to heavy duty specification, zero-backlash to right-angled design, there is always a LDS solution to meet your machinery and robot applications, . LDS one-piece fabricated Servobox delivers up to 98% efficiency at full load and 3 times of rated output torque.

LDS Compact AC Motors [ View ]

LDS Compact AC motors are used worldwide in many light duty applications such as conveyors, mixers, packaging and labelling machines. LDS products are engineered with industry driven designs that ensure consistent performance, at lesser cost and maintenance. It is dimensionally inter-changeable with major leading brands in the market.

LDS Integral Helical Gear Motor [ View ]

LDS Integral Helical Gear Motor design enables motor and gear reducer permanently coupled together. Its pinion gear driving the gearbox is directly mounted to the drive shaft of the motor to achieve shorter in axial length and lower weight.


LDS Aluminium Worm Gear Reducers [ View ]

LDS Right-Angled Worm Gear Reducers are known for being high quality and competitively priced. Standard packages for JIS and IEC PAM motors are available for your immediate selection. LDS worm gear reducers are designed and manufactured to fit most of your applications in mixers, conveyors, winches, packaging machineries.

LDS Compact IGBT Inverter [ View ]

The compact IGBT series is especially advantageous for standard application by virtue of its user friendliness. It offers simple and safe operability, energy saving, compact design as well as superior performance. The inverter is use in numerous application such as conveyor drives, feeders, machining tool and door drives. It is compactible with Unit Type AC Speed Controller (US | USM series).

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