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My Equipment Services & Repair

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Machinery and Conveyor Equipment Services

Based on our industrial expertise and often customer requests, we provide repair service and after sales support to our valued customer, including repair and service of machinery and conveyor equipment.

Common problems to diagnose, troubleshooting and repair such as:

◎ Rotary table, roller, pulley, bearing or gearbox's jammed; 

◎ Equipment startup problem after interval/overnight;

◎ Gearbox shaft's broken; Motor mounting bracket's broken etc

◎ Gear motor or controller or inverter is malfunction/overheat; 

◎ Static electric leak / surge; electric shock;

◎ Conveyor belt is jerking or stalling; belt's slip;

◎ Product's topple during conveyor transfer; 

◎ Inconsistent or abnormal machine/conveyor running speed;

◎ Belt's splice / cut / damaged / broken; belt edge with blurring;

◎ Belt's mis-alignment;

◎ Wear and tear items like sprocket and chain, and lubrication;

◎ Conveyor's overload; abnormal operation noise;

◎ Housekeeping of wiring/trunking;

◎ Overhaul and maintenance of conveyor equipment.

◎ Improvement of performance/functionality of conveyor equipment.

◎ Automation of process flow and control..

◎ Conversion of unique drive unit to common market parts.

◎ Onsite trouble shooting and belt replacement/belt joining service.

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